Children’s Concert

Every year the Corvallis-OSU Symphony has a special daytime concert for local fourth grade students. Students are introduced to the instruments and sounds of an orchestra. The orchestra also plays pieces from the regular classical symphony repertoire with commentary by Director Marlan Carlson. Teachers receive information about the music before the concert for discussion with their students. All schools and student groups are welcome to participate. If you would like to be a concert sponsor for the Children’s Concert, or contribute to the Sally McBride Children’s Concert Endowed Fund, please contact us at 541.286.5580 or office@cosusymphony.org.

Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra children's concert

“The concert was fabulous and we appreciate the donors and sponsors who make it possible! And Marlan is so fun - both parents and kids enjoyed his energy, his humor, and his educational insights! My classes this morning were eager to share their favorite parts and interesting things they noticed.”

- Music teacher at Waldorf

Symphony on the Land

Symphony on the Land is a collaboration with the Greenbelt Land Trust. One of the first concerts involved the symphony playing at Bald Hill to support the Trust. The musicians at the concert have changed over the years, but the symphony continues to contribute support to the event, which focuses on and celebrates both music and the mission of the Trust: to preserve and protect our beautiful Willamette Valley.

Symphony on the Land